2 November 2020
South Africa
  • Background: Woolworths' vision is to have zero packaging waste-to-landfill, and for all packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2022. To reach this goal, the group first announced in 2018 that it's making ‘positive changes’ in stores, by using less packaging, less plastic material in packaging and ensuring that all out packaging is recyclable. It also started testing a plastic bag-free store in 2018 and expanded to 29 retail outposts. 
  • Description: Woolworths is now moving to the next phase of its plan, by weaning shoppers completely off of single-use plastic bags from the majority of its stores. Starting this week, plastic bags will no longer be available at 121 Woolworths outposts, on top of the 29 who have already adopted the policy. 
  • Impact: As a result of Woolworth's sustainability initiative, the changes already made to its packaging has resulted in nearly 1,600 tonnes less plastic and cardboard packaging waste being generated.

Photos courtesy of Woolworths