Dubai 2023

Investing for the Future

The 14th IGDS World Department Store Summit (WDSS 2023) will be staged on 11-12 October 2023 in Dubai, organised with IGDS member Al Tayer Insignia.

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Seattle 2022

Retailing from the Outside-In 

Retailing, like other industries, is undergoing important transformations characterised by changing customer expectations and behaviours, a push for omnichannel trading, digitalisation at all levels, new technologies and leadership challenges.

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Tokyo 2019

The Role of Department Stores in Megacities

The establishment of a new and wild competitive landscape, in part due to the online revolution, has triggered a profound structural transformation in retailing and, in particular, for department stores. 

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London 2018

The Power of Luxury Redefined

In recent years, the luxury and retail markets have seen significant change and expansion. Beyond geographical markets, perhaps the only certainty for luxury brands and retailers is that a new luxury mind-set is emerging amongst customers.

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Toronto 2017

Digital and Bricks&Mortar One Magic Experience

The impact of digitalisation on retail and the economy is similar to the effects of industrialisation more than 200 years ago. Traditional retailing has been hit by these changes which have revolutionised how business is done and moved on customer expectations.

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Zurich 2016

Delighting Global Travellers at Home & Away

The unprecedented rise in travel and tourism paired with fast-pace changes in technologies is opening up an amazing new world for customers. It promises untapped opportunities for many businesses and brands - department stores especially.

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Rome 2015

Strengthening Emotional Bonds with customers

Fast-changing customer behaviours and new innovations in digital communications, supply chain and information technology systems are reshaping the retail arena. More and more channels are courting the same customers, resulting in even fiercer competition.

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Singapore 2014

Capturing the Retail Revolution

This year's Global Department Stores Summit presents success stories of renowned and evolving retailers and discusses which business strategies and investments should be launched to ensure a relevant positioning in order to deliver growth and sustainable profit.

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Istanbul 2013

Taking Performance to the Next Level

Department Stores have weathered many crises and slowdowns in recent years. They have successfully strengthened their organisations by adjusting their business models. Luxury, demand for higher quality goods and ever more modern stores have led this change.

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Paris 2012

Staying Relevant for Growth

Will the next retail decade belong to department stores? Many department stores have prepared well for the forthcoming retail years, which are anticipated to be both exciting and challenging.

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Shanghai 2011

China impacts Department Stores and Suppliers

China is on its way to becoming the single largest retail market in the world. This development is poised to have some major global implications on a number of strategic issues including management focus, flow of investments, marketing spending, growth potential and emergence of new trends.

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New York 2010

Winning in the New Retail Environment

In the current challenging economy, retailers all over the world are re-thinking their strategy, re-organizing their company to adapt to the new environment.

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Moscow 2009

The Importance and Impact of Flagship Store

The Department Store Focus is a new platform for department stores companies and leading manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world. It provides CEOs and senior executives with the opportunity of meeting in a truly global and stimulating environment where they are able to gain new insights and information.

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London 2008

Growth Opportunities for Department Stores

Department Stores are a unique and challenging retail business model. In order to address the major issues, Selfridges and IGDS are launching the first Global Department Store Summit (GDSS).

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