In 2002, IGDS Board gave an important assignment to the High Potential Group of that year: prepare a document identifying the most important CSR issues for department stores and prepare a list of principles for a sustainable retailing that IGDS department stores would have to adopt. The IGDS 'CSR for Department Stores' and its Code of Conduct have been since 2003 the fundament of IGDS' environmental and social engagement, endorsed by all IGDS CEOs.

IGDS has been organizing meetings, roundtables on sustainability/CSR issues for the last 20 years where members can discuss the latest information and share best practices. IGDS companies have been invovled in many initiatives to improve sustainability at different levels within their environments; some of the most recent stories are featured in this section.

IGDS Members engage in a diverse array of CSR and Sustainability endeavours from eco-thoughtful measures at the stores, to supporting community development, youth programs, and international conservation projects. 

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