28 October 2021
  • Background: Toys bought and sold over the Christmas season often end up in the landfill. To help combat such wastefulness, Selfridges is the first department store to offer a pre-loved toy pop-up in collaboration with London-based charity The TOY Project as part of its Project Earth RESELLFRIDGES resale platform. The TOY Project recycles new and used toys and gives them to the children and families that need them most. It also educates kids about recycling and reducing the number of toys we send to the landfill.
  • Description: This holiday season, not only can customers can shop for pre-loved collectable figures, antique teddies and classic family-favourite board games at Selfridges' toy department, but they are also invited to donate their own toys at the pop-up in the run up to Christmas, helping to prevent even more waste over the festive period.
  • Impact: Recycling toys helps fund the TOY Project’s work but importantly it also reduces the number of unwanted toys that end up in landfill and our oceans.

Photos courtesy of Selfridges