20 October 2020
South Africa
  • Background: Selfridges is presenting Goodwaste X Selfridges -- its latest instalment of Bright New Things, an initiative born in 2016 to support and celebrate emerging talent with a focus on sustainability and innovation. Closely linked with the London department store‚Äôs Project Earth programmeBright New Things offers a new and eco-thoughtful outlook on food, homeware and fashion.
  • Description: For the second collection, GoodWaste X Selfridges was inspired by the store itself and looked at the surrounding area to source new waste materials, which created an impressive material library as the starting point for the designs. The lampshades below, for example, was created from leftover steel sheet from a pop-up at the department store.
  • Impact: The partnership with GoodWaste -- a London-based brand founded by RCA Product Design Graduates Ambra Dentella, Ewan Alston and Rafael Muldal el Baz -- resulted in innovative, contemporary and striking homeware pieces made of marble offcuts, leftover concrete and stone from building sites and other found and upcycled materials, including a series of candles (pictured below) made from wax found at nearby pubs , restaurants and churches.

Photos courtesy of Selfridges and Goodwaste