3 March 2021
  • Background: Jelmoli officially launched its journey towards a more sustainable future with ‘The Green Act’ campaign in March.
  • Description: The measures taken will not only focus on a more sustainable products range, but will also include more implementation of innovative and ecological solutions such as in the field of transport and logistics. All marketing activities in March is dedicated to this important theme. Zurich based influencer Karen Fleischmann, an expert in the field, is representing Jelmoli as its Sustainability Ambassador. Furthermore, Jelmoli is looking forward to featuring the fashion platform Mode Suisse and the Frida Verde pop-up, a Zürich based start-up for potted plants that will bring green vibes into the store. 
  • Impact: Jelmoli is supporting sustainability more actively by making it officially a part of the company’s corporate strategy and communication with customers. The company recognizes that sustainability is an ongoing process and there's still a long way to go.

Photos courtesy of Jelmoli