28 April 2021
  • Background: Deepening its sustainability commitment, David Jones announced a recycling program with TerraCycle for DJ’s ‘BeautyCycle’ programme.
  • Description: The new programme allows customers to drop off hard-to-recycle beauty packaging to dedicated bins in-store, where it will then be collected by TerraCycle for recycling. Materials that can be recycled include soft plastic, rigid plastic and pumps, glass bottles, jars and pots, masks and packaging, along with make-up products including foundation bottles, lipsticks, eyeshadows, compacts, mascaras and other items not usually accepted by municipal recycling programmes. 
  • Impact: Rather than the hard-to-recycle items going to landfills, the plastics collected by TerraCycle will be sorted, shredded, melted down and turned into plastic pellets that can substitute virgin plastics to make new items.

Photos courtesy of David Jones