17 August 2022
  • Background: Stockmann has selected the Baltic Sea and the John Nurminen Foundation as significant charity recipients in honour of its 160th anniversary. Stockmann's region of operation surrounds the Baltic Sea - its eight department stores and online store serve customers in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. The campaign year will culminate on 25 August when Baltic Sea Day will be celebrated.
  • Description: Protection of the Baltic Sea is related to Stockmann's goals to mitigate climate change and promote the preservation of biodiversity. The mission of Stockmann's partner the John Nurminen Foundation is to save the Baltic Sea with projects that improve the condition of the Baltic Sea by reducing the loading and environmental risks, such as eutrophication and biodiversity loss, which affect the sea. Their focus area is to reduce the phosphorus load in the Baltic Sea, for example, by improving wastewater purification, by reducing the loading from forest and farmland by reducing or developing sustainable fishing and by raising awareness of a Baltic Sea-friendly diet.
  • Impact: Stockmann has developed its sustainability work on a long-term basis and actively monitors the impacts of its operations. As part of this process, Stockmann has been calculating its carbon footprint for ten years and has been aiming to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions in a goal-oriented way by selecting more responsible materials for its selections, by seeking environmentally friendly solutions for its deliveries and improving energy efficiency, by reducing the use of packaging materials and by promoting the circular economy.

Photo Courtesy Stockmann