21 April 2021
  • Background: Rinascente's latest campaign showcases the retailer's commitment to preserving and perpetuating beauty and sustainability. It focuses on five pillars: respect, creativity, research, emotion and diversity.
  • Description: The five words represent the common payoff ‘Keep It Beautiful,’ intended to telegraph the retailer’s ultimate commitment to preserving and perpetuating beauty. Each pillars are flanked by coloured illustrations designed by German artist Lisa Tegtmeier. Respect especially pays a primary role for Rinascente, who referenced it not only in the company’s approach to it's customers, employees and brands showcased in the nine Rinascente stores across Italy, but especially to the Italian territories. 
  • Impact: All Rinascente stores are integrated in the city centre of the different cities, in historic buildings, therefore playing a key role for these urban areas not only commercially but also culturally and socially.

Photos courtesy of Rinascente