16 March 2022
  • Background: This operation is part of a larger Rinascente project linked to fashion and sustainability.The goal is to tell in a new and unexpected way the values ​​contained in the ‘Keep it Beautiful’ Manifesto and including respect, creativity, emotion, research, diversity.
  • Description: The Vintage space inside the Rinascente stores in Milan, Rome Tritone, Florence and Turin will be active until the end of April. It is a 100% vintage project that ranges from clothing, both for women and men, to furnishings, textiles and jewellery. The items on display were created by the partners of this project, namely: Angelo Vintage, All’Origine, Madame Pauline Vintage, Vecchio Mio, Cavalli and Nastri, Olivetti, Talea Studio and Fifty. 
  • Impact: Products and partners have been selected that are able to synthesize and represent the excellence of design, fashion and style. For the promotion of this event, exhibition projects by Madame Pauline, Angelo Vintage and All'igine were prepared and will be displayed from 14 to 27 March in the windows of the stores in Milan and Florence.

Photo Courtesy Rinascente