5 August 2019
  • Background: Nordstrom is partnering with its customers and the California Nonprofit of the Year Shoes That Fit to give away 25,000 pairs of brand-new, properly fitting shoes.
  • Description: 1 in 5 American children will experience a level of poverty that has the potential to impede their ability to learn. This includes not having a pair of properly fitting shoes, since shoes can be expensive and children outgrow them quickly. Shoes That Fit's mission is to help ensure that no child misses school because he/she doesn't have shoes that fit. Nordstrom also recognizes the power and confidence a brand new pair of shoes can give to a child in need. As a company that was originally founded as a shoe store, Nordstrom sees the partnership with Shoes That Fit as a way to honour their past, as well as to give back to the local community. 
  • Impact: Nordstrom has donated more than 165,000 pairs of shoes to children in local communities across the U.S. and Puerto Rico with the aim to support students and families to start the school year right with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play and thrive.

Photos courtesy of Nordstrom