7 September 2022
  • Background: With the first major campaign after the 2020 rebranding, Jelmoli demonstrates the reinvention of its department store. The 12-point manifesto is a playful guide to action for conscious, holistic consumption and enjoyment. It clarifies the department store's core values, its concept of consumption and the conscious use of it.
  • Description: Under the claim ‘Consume. Consciously and with love.’ the campaign wants to make people aware of their own behaviour patterns and brings new ideas into play in an undogmatic way. For inspiration, a variety of personalities and friends of the house were photographed, all a part of the contemporary Zurich. Each of them stands for a point in the consumption manifesto and give it a face and a voice.
  • Impact: On September 1, the new campaign was presented to the public for the first time at a vernissage at Jelmoli. Many of the campaign faces were there in person to celebrate this important moment with the department store, its friends and partners.

Photo Courtesy of Jelmoli