27 May 2020
Research Reports

Category: Market Analyses

Euromonitor International - Top 100 Retailers in Asia 2020 / May 2020

The Asia Pacific region offers businesses great growth opportunities and profitability, due to its large working-age population, a critical mass of highly-educated people, an expanding middle class and modernisation efforts, all of which are boosting consumer expenditure and increasing demand for online retailing and e-commerce. This Report by Euromonitor International not only lists the top 100 retailers in Asia, but offers analysis on a call for a mor localised and targeted country-level strategy to reflect the varied composition of the vastly diverse region of Asia. The report also takes an in-depth look at Japan, India and China as the three key markets that stand out with strong foundations for growth, respectively through demographic specifics (Japan) continued strong domestic consumption (India) and the level of digital and technological advancement of the local economy (China).

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