29 April 2020
The Weekly
United States

During the widespread, mandated quarantine fashions have undoubtedly changed — with even designers showing a clear preference for comfort as they stay at home. To better understand today’s style, Nordstrom Trunk Club surveyed 2,000 Americans on how they have been navigating getting dressed while staying at home. Notably, the survey data found that people are struggling to make decisions of what to wear and feel style-related pressure while working from home. 77% said they have “changed their style since staying at home.” In accordance with previous studies, the survey found 56% of respondents are incorporating more comfortable clothing, such as loungewear, into daily wardrobes. To adapt to their changing needs, Trunk Club is sending more active and loungewear to their customers who want to be comfortable while working from home and are helping others choose and style around clothes from their closet to look their best and feel great on video calls.


Before quarantine went into effect, 59% of respondents said they dressed up most, or every, day. In comparison, only 25% of respondents say they are continuing to dress up with the same frequency. Nordstrom Trunk Club’s survey also found that two-of-five women are “excited to start wearing professional clothing again” once quarantine comes to an end. Notably, over one-in-three women said they want to continue to wear comfortable clothing. While 32% of women said they had made clothing purchases to support the stay-at-home lifestyle, 77% anticipate style will change as they return to the office.