1 April 2019
The Weekly
The Social Responsibility InitiativeThe Social Responsibility InitiativeThe Social Responsibility InitiativeThe Social Responsibility InitiativeThe Social Responsibility InitiativeThe Social Responsibility Initiative

From 4th April to 12th May, Printemps will be showcasing new patterns of
consumption and offering a unique and brand-new experience that makes
shopping more responsible and involved. Upcycling will take centre stage in
window displays at Printemps with works of art being produced especially for
Printemps by reusing materials and an exclusive capsule collection of 20
exclusive limited-edition designs being created by
Maroussia Rebecq, artistic director of the ANDREA
CREWS label and produced by the TISSONS LA
SOLIDARITÉ association. The collection will be
created using designs from old stocks of "AU
Printemps’ own brands. The TISSONS LA
SOLIDARITÉ brings together 70 integration
structures for economic activity (IAE) whose main
activity is the management of second-hand textiles
(collecting, sorting, reselling and sewing). These
structures, which have 400 permanent staff, are
helping1,900 employees return to work, of which 83% are women. Five artists invested in the sustainable and responsible initiative will be
exhibiting their works, created from various upcycled materials, in the window
displays at Printemps: Emilie Faïf who works with fabric, and experiences space through the prism of
textiles inspired by the excitement of cities that she confronts with that of fashion
and art. Cicia Hartmann’s arrangement is made from plastic caps that have
been pierced and attached with iron wire to create individual flowers, bouquets of
flowers and creepers of various types. All without using any glue or colouring.
Atelier LAPS, Amélie Lengrand and Sophie Paumelle are organizing the duo
LAPS. The pair bring their ideas to life through raw materials such as wood,
paper and fabric. Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia creates multicoloured textilebased
compositions. Veronika Richterová focusses on working with plastic
bottles and uses various means of cutting, heating and assembling in creating the
colourful translucent shapes of crocodiles, candlesticks and plants in particular.
She has also collected more than 3,000 plastic objects from 76 countries and
writes extensively on the history and use of plastic.
Throughout the "(RE)CREATE, (RE)INVENT" event, every Printemps store will
be implementing a charitable project for the local charity they want to support.
In this way, customers at stores will have the option of adding a micro-donation
of €0.50 for charity to the total amount for their purchases when paying by card. Recycling will also feature in the form of second-hand goods via three initiatives:
The organisation of in-store collections for the benefit of the French Red
Cross. The opening up of spaces dedicated to TILT VINTAGE: As an expert of
second-hand clothing, TILT VINTAGE will bring a fine selection of unique
pieces into Printemps stores each week to coincide with the "(RE)CREATE,
(RE)INVENT" event. The CHARITY MERKET organised by influencers:
Printemps is developing its charity support initiative, which has already been
launched, particularly for the fight against cancer. To coincide with operation
"(RE)CREATE, (RE)INVENT", the initiative will be rolled out at all Printemps
stores this year. Each store will organise their own charity market event with
one or more influencers with all proceeds going to a local charity.