5 May 2023
The Weekly
The KaDeWe Kitchen PartyThe KaDeWe Kitchen PartyThe KaDeWe Kitchen Party

On 29th April, KaDeWe in Berlin celebrated the premiere of its new event concept – the KaDeWe Kitchen Party. 350 guests were invited to the hallowed halls of the house’s kitchen, bakery, and patisserie on the 7th floor to experience first-hand the manufacturing works of cooks, pastry chefs, and artisans. Countless culinary delicacies ranged from different seafood options, truffles pasta, fluffy pancakes over a selection from KaDeWe’s famous 800 different varieties of cheeses to a constantly restocked sweets and baked goods buffet.

At the end of an evening filled with exquisite foods, cocktails, wine and champagne, and dancing, the guests were presented with goodie bags filled with selected high-quality products and loafs of bread, freshly baked during the party itself.