20 October 2021
The Weekly
The KaDeWe Group's ‘Senses of KaDeWe’ Campaign

From 18 October to 14 November, ‘Senses of KaDeWe’ will be transforming the storefront of the luxury department store into a multisensory experience that already brings KaDeWe and its unparalleled atmosphere to life for all five senses on the street outside.

The installation focuses on the vast range of sensory experiences that visitors normally enjoy inside KaDeWe. Each KaDeWe display window is turned into a sophisticated installation that explores one of the five senses, thus directly drawing upon individual sensory experiences and emotions in-store. The senses HEARING, SIGHT, TOUCH, SMELL and TASTE are transported into the windows in a multidimensional fashion, thus bringing the unique KaDeWe experience to life outside the building for customers and passers-by alike. ‘Kaleidoscope’, for instance, illustrates the diversity and heterogeneity of the materials found inside the store; in ‘Climates of KaDeWe’, a video installation simulates the myriad temperature zones found in- store, from -60° in the blast freezer to 200°C in the oven; ‘Heartbeat of KaDeWe’ allows people to hear the beating heart of KaDeWe. ‘The Bakery’ offers insights into the in-store patisserie and bakery by replicating the characteristic aromas found there, whereas the assorted flavours of KaDeWe tantalise the taste buds through the wine selection in ‘The Wine Archive’.

André Maeder, CEO of The KaDeWe Group said: ‘KaDeWe is a place of dreams, desires and unique experiences; in its 115-year history, it has always been so much more than a normal department store. Every time they visit KaDeWe, our customers are treated to an emotional extravaganza that goes well beyond shopping and that engages all five senses – i.e. the truly unique KaDeWe experience.’ The remarkable window installation ‘Senses of KaDeWe’ has been created in close cooperation with the design and architectural firm OMA Group, which is also behind the master plan for the renovation of KaDeWe.