27 March 2024
The Weekly
United States

The tech giant revealed a set of updates that allow people to rate styles in their product search results and mark their favourite brands, effectively teaching Google what they like so they can see more of it. Together with its AI-generated shopping images and virtual apparel try-on tool, the company’s commerce objectives are clearly zeroing in on fashion. The new ‘Style Recommendations’ feature allows individuals to rate their product search results. The tool plugs into its Shopping Graph, a data set of product and seller information packed with more than 45bn listings that are continuously refreshed — to the tune of more than 2bn listing updates every hour. Once people find the look they seek, the next step is to visualize what it might look like when worn. This is where its virtual apparel try-on steps in. Announced in June 2023, this feature uses AI to digitally place clothes on human models.