29 April 2020
The Weekly
Shoppers Stop is engaging with Audience during Lockdown

With all of its 90 stores and ecommerce delivery closed during this period, Shoppers Stop was quick off the bat to promote online, digital interaction and engagement with its customers, employees and vendor partners. The Company has started taking on-line orders from 21st April and will start with the delivery in the green zones as the lockdown ends.

Since the closure of its stores till the end of lockdown, Shoppers Stop is staying connected with its customers through various campaigns. The logo change has been covered by a lot of publications and media as a positive move; an infinity sign signified the endless gratitude for the frontline and essential services workers who were helping fight the pandemic and that highlighted social distancing. Shoppers Stop came up with the hashtag of keep the love alive, that instantly connected with customers and made them believe that the brand is together with them in this lockdown. And that they can shop online and have the goods delivered post the lockdown.


In a continued story, Shoppers Stop started with the logo change and have been continuously engaged with its employees as well as customers during the lockdown. What’s important here is that the content is more on value addition and not just on products and offers; be it showing gratitude through the logo change or the claps creative. Approx. Rs. 27,00,000 (US$35’000) PR value was generated from the article that media carried on the change of the Shoppers Stop logo. This was just to highlight that it had a good coverage and impact.