15 May 2024
The Weekly
Shoppers Stop Celebrating Mother's Day

Shoppers Stop India's is changing the course of traditional Mother's Day celebrations to pay tribute to the incredible women who have shaped our lives. The #TakeABreakMom campaign, is a welcome change of pace as it centers on the straightforward but important concept of giving moms the break they genuinely deserve! Juggling various responsibilities, dispensing boundless wisdom, and showering unconditional love, mothers perform the role of caregivers, problem solvers, and mentors without the recognition of a prestigious job title or a hefty paycheck. In a paradigm shift, Shoppers Stop advocates viewing motherhood as a full-time profession deserving of profound acknowledgment and appreciation.

The campaign a is a thought-provoking social experiment captured in a poignant film. The campaign goes beyond mere acknowledgment of mothers' tireless efforts. It extends a heartfelt gesture with complimentary makeovers, a personal shopper service where dedicated experts assist Moms in navigating through an extensive selection of over 800 + brands, ensuring they find the perfect ensemble for any occasion.