9 February 2022
The Weekly
Selfridges' ‘Superself’ Campaign

Selfridges is tuning into the wellness and mental health ‘zeitgeist’ with an in-store takeover campaign called Superself, part of the Superfutures creative theme for 2022. The focus of the campaign is on self-care, positivity and what the store is calling ‘feel-goodness’.

It is inviting customers to listen to positive podcasts and music and step into ‘A Safe Trip’ pods by Sensiks, which offer an integrated, multisensory experience aimed at reducing stress. Lifestyle and beauty products will be curated for a ‘future-ready mindset’. The windows of the Oxford Street flagship will invite passers-by, via QR codes, to ‘try a new kind of retail therapy’, ‘pick up some good vibrations’ and ‘have a safe trip’. Over four days in February, French artist Juliette Minchin will take up residence in one of the store’s most prominent windows, on the corner of Orchard Street, and create a work-in-progress installation.