13 April 2022
The Weekly

The Selfridges Corner Shop has been made-over for early spring with a four-week run as Supermarket. That doesn’t mean it’s selling food, instead, it’s an eco-conscious future retail vision that contains plenty of tech, as well as high-end product. The Supermarket combines the upscale department store’s ongoing Project Earth initiative and this year’s Superfutures theme. The company has partnered with some of the world’s most pioneering brands to create an experimental concept store that reimagines what shopping could look like in the future.

Supermarket features “3D-printing robots creating everything from juicy plant-based steaks to lightweight handbags and recycled plastic furniture on demand”. It uses the giant 3D printer, the ABB IRB 5700, that was unveiled at Cop26 last year. Alongside brands pioneering scientific solutions with diamonds and perfume made from captured CO2, and those harnessing the power of nature with plant-based leather accessories, the Supermarket also introduces new ownership concepts with alternative jewellery pricing models and exclusive NFT digital artworks available to purchase in-store.”

The installation in the Corner Shop runs until April 30. But the overall concept is being seen in branches across the UK. The windows in the London Oxford Street branch, as well as in the Birmingham and Manchester stores have been designed along the lines of the futuristic theme, Selfridges having worked with set designer Shona Heath on the concept.