12 August 2019
The Weekly

Liverpool has finished H1 2019 with its profit on the rise. Sales went up to $2.9bn, a 9% higher than the same period last year and sales on the Liverpool online channel skyrocketed 30.2%. After rising its utilities in a 3.4% during the first trimester, the company accumulated a rise of 7.6% as a net result, or $209.9mn. In H1, EBITDA was of $452.9mn, which came into an interannual rise of 19.4%. Only during Q2, Liverpool grew 8.7%, up until $1.6bn. Because of its chains, the group scored $2.5bn, an 8% more than in H1 2018. On the other hand, Suburbia was the one with the biggest rise, with an 8.2%, up to $392.5mn. Big in omnichannel, it raised its income through ecommerce in a 30.2% during H1. Sales of the online platform of the group represent 8.3% of the total invoice.