18 March 2020
The Weekly

Editor's Note: Below is Rinascente's official COVID-19 statement

In light of the recent events in our country and after much thought, we have made the decision to close our stores across Italy until 3rd April. If the general health condition and the regulatory provisions will allow for it, we will be glad to reopen sooner than that.

Despite no current legal obligation to do so, we have made the decision to close because we believe that the safety of all the people who work with us, our customers and our entire community have a greater value, and we do not need requirements and restrictions to help keep them safe.

We are convinced that we will manage to overcome this situation together. At a time when we must be apart, we will act as one to recover as soon as possible. Our country is home to many heroes that have continued to work on the frontline and risk their safety to ensure our return to normality.

For this reason, the physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals, and all the men and women who are committed to ending the emergency not only require our support and should receive our heartfelt thanks, but above all else require our commitment to respecting the legal guidelines. After all, this is the only way we have to truly help them.

We will not stop planning unique experiences to share together, because when everything is over, being able to hug again will feel even better. Rinascente does not just mean shopping: it distinguishes itself with its constant support of the local community, the promotion of culture and good practices, which in this case pushes us to give our practical contribution to the containment of COVID-19 virus with continued commitment and eyes focused on the future. Close to you, even from a distance.rina