29 January 2020
The Weekly
Resale shop launched at Nordstrom

On Friday, Nordstrom opened a resale shop called See You Tomorrow in its Manhattan flagship store. The shop will be open for at least six months, with the potential to stick around for longer. In the future, Nordstrom will also institute a buy-back program where customers can return items to Nordstrom (both online and at the NYC flagship location) in exchange for gift cards that can be used at Nordstrom or any related store like Nordstrom Rack. Normally, returned items would be sold at Nordstrom Rack at a steep discount, but if Nordstrom has a more robust resale presence, those items can be repurposed and sold in the main Nordstrom store, likely at a higher price. Nordstrom said that pricing of the items in the shop is in flux, but that Nordstrom is working on ways to make pricing resold items dynamic and reflective of the market price and the brand’s desirability.