11 May 2020
The Weekly
Reopening Campaign

On Monday 11th May, Jelmoli reopened its doors to all departments with an impactful campaign "We are here for each other", to support every customer after the partial lockdown. The reopening campaign plays with historical images from the 187 years old Jelmoli’s history, coloured in inspiring pop art moods. Images from the old building or delivery cars reflect the long local history and heritage of Jelmoli. Inspired by the hashtag #supportyourlocal, the department store acts more than ever as a local player, highlighting local brands in the store.

Through collaboration with ON, Ina Kess, Schlossberg, nooii and Atelier Andreas Caminada, Jelmoli shows the modern side of Switzerland with strong Swiss brands and products as well as fresh designs. The first day of the reopening was very successful: the store succeeded to inspire customers with the beautiful spring/summer collections and to respect at the same time the regulations imposed by the federal office of public health. Both highly appreciated by the customers. Short interview with Jelmoli’s new CEO talking about the reopening on CNN Money Switzerland