31 August 2023
The Weekly
‘Public Market’ and ‘Public Lane’ at Central Chidlom

Foodies and café hoppers can rejoice as Central Chidlom introduces a new landmark for food lovers: With PUBLIC MARKET, the bridge on the second floor which connects Central’s flagship Department Store at Chidlom and Central Embassy turned into a new food community, ready to welcome food lovers and visitors from around the world with a one-of-a-kind experience and relaxing atmosphere. It has been transformed into a chic path filled with people, eateries and a DJ booth to set the mood. There are 11 talk-of-the-town eateries and cafes, including Ba Hao Tian Mi, El Mar, Grazia Gelato & Coffee, Guljak Topokki & Chicken, John Donut, Little Market, Machi Machi, Pash Juices Bar, Phed Phed Pop, Yuji Ramen, and Taproom.

PUBLIC LANE, designed by Sean Dix, is a new lane of eight eatery flavors in the heart of the city. It connects the PUBLIC MARKET food community to the entrance of the department store on the 2nd floor, with many surprises to delight foodies and shoppers. ‘PUBLIC LANE’ is set to become a new meeting point where many delicious treats await customers and visitors in one place.