18 March 2020
The Weekly

On Thursday, 12 March, Printemps launched Printemps.com, its online e-commerce site dedicated to luxury brands and fashion designers. Printemps wants to perfect its device to better sell to customers aged 20 to 40. According to several studies, including those of the firm Bain & Company and the Boston Consulting Group, these consumers represent the fuel of the high-end clothing market and his future. E-commerce is expected to weigh a quarter of luxury goods sales in five years, according to Bain & Company. Printemps, with sales of €1.7bn, is already a major player in the online fashion market in France. The group owns (since 2013) Place des Tendances, an online sales site for fashion brands in the affordable luxury segment, but also Citadium (since 2012), whose e-commerce site targets young sneaker fans and sports, and Made in Design, pioneer of online design bought in May 2019. The first is experiencing growth of 20% per year and generates a turnover close to €100mn. The group hopes that Printemps.com will reach breakeven within four years, representing the equivalent of 10% of sales of its floor devoted to luxury in its store on Boulevard Haussmann. Printemps.com begins with an offer of around 150 brands and plans to eventually reach 200.