10 December 2019
The Weekly

In autumn 2022, a branch of KaDeWe is to set to open in Carsch-Haus, formerly a Kaufhof Department Store. The development of the new store under the KaDeWe brand will also go hand-in-hand with the renovation of Heinrich-Heine-Platz. The city plans to sell the property of the Carsch-Haus and the neighbouring property for a total of €49mn. The buyer is said to be the previous owner of the Carsch-Haus property, Signa, or a subsidiary of the Karstadt and Kaufhof owners. The city council must decide on the deal prepared by the city and companies on December 19. How it will continue on Heine-Platz is open. The Signa Group had already developed ideas with architect David Chipperfield, who is planning for a large staircase in the basement of the Carsch-Haus and a modified street layout. The city had already discussed various ideas for the square in a public workshop at the end of September.