7 July 2021
The Weekly

Koreans are now shopping for art at department stores, which are using the works as bait to lure customers back after the pandemic. Lotte Department Store held its first Art Lotte exhibition ‘One Masterpiece’ Tuesday. Some 60 works, including Lee Ufan’s ‘East Winds,’ ‘Floating Drops’ by Kim Tschang-yeul and Park Seo-bo’s ‘Ecriture’ series, are displayed. Visitors are free to enjoy the exhibit, and the works are available for purchase. The exhibition is be held at Lotte's Avenuel Art Hall in Jamsil, southern Seoul, through July 25 and at Lotte Avenuel's main branch in Jung District, central Seoul through August 23. Lotte Department Store has been showing art recently, including at an event called ‘Blue Room - The Great Habitat’ that runs through November 28, but Art Lotte will be a regular feature and will allow customers to buy the works — before they could just look and photograph the art. The company aims to hold the exhibition twice a year. For department stores that experienced a decrease in visitor numbers due to Covid-19, merging popular art and shopping is an effective way to get customers in and increase sales.