17 April 2024
The Weekly
Louis Vuitton at RinascenteLouis Vuitton at RinascenteLouis Vuitton at Rinascente

The French luxury brand continues its expansion within Rinascente with the opening of two new spaces dedicated to men's and women's fashion collections, on 1st and 2nd as well as 3rd floor respectively. The project embraces the historical identity of Rinascente while maintaining the trademarks of the luxury giant's brand, with two points of sale that differentiate in style and aesthetics while remaining in line with the masculine vision of the creative director Pharrell Williams and the feminine one which maintains instead the creative philosophy of Nicolas Ghesquière. The common denominator for both areas is the paneling that circumscribes the size of the spaces created with a metallic motif that recalls the 4-petaled flower enclosed in a circle of the Louis Vuitton monogram, and a mix of the Italian style of the 50s & 70s.

The works of art by the Danish contemporary Rune Elmegaardn, the prints of the American photographer Steve Mc Curry and the paintings of the German Mark Klein have also been installed inside the two new spaces. On 3rd floor, creations from the women's collection, footwear and jewelry, argued with the style and design of Iranian-French artist and designer India Mahdavi, who previously collaborated with the Maison for Les Objets Nomades collection. The men's salon presents clothing, bags and small leather goods, footwear, accessories and fragrances. To recreate an elegant, but at the same time informal and comfortable environment, the armchairs were chosen Costela by Martin Eisler, vintage icons of Brazilian design from the 1950s.