24 April 2024
The Weekly
South Korea
Lotte Department Store Launches AI Translation Service

Lotte Department Store just made it easier for foreign visitors to shop by launching its AI translation service. It is based on SK Telecom’s TransTalker, which supports 13 languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, German, and Russian. The telecom firm plans to add more languages later. Foreigners may now use the AI translation service ‘TransTalker’ at information desks inside the Lotte World Mall in Jamsil. There is one on the first floor and one in the basement. It was further reported that six information desks in the mall are already receiving more than 700 inquiries from foreign customers per day on average. When a foreigner uses the microphone in front of the transparent screen to ask something in his or her native language, the question is translated into Korean, which appears on the screen of the information desk representative. The representative then answers in the foreigner’s language in real-time, which is viewable on the monitor.