4 January 2021
The Weekly

Lojas Renner has reported 14.5% revenue decline to R$1,651.2mn Q3/2020 that ended in September 2020 compared to the revenue of R$1,931.9mn in same period prior fiscal. Company incurred a net loss of R$82.9mn compared to net income of R$186.7mn in Q3 FY19. Gross profit for the quarter slipped to R$788.2mn (Q3 FY19: R$1,049.9mn). Operating expenses for Q3 decreased to R$653.9mn (R$ 677.4mn). EBITDA reported a loss of R$38.2mn (R$354.8mn). Company‚Äôs sales in the reported quarter were impacted by the temporarily store closure until August. Sales of Renner brand during the quarter were down 16.9% to R$1,468.9mn (R$1,767.6mn). Whereas, sales of Camicado brand jumped 25.7% to R$146.6mn (R$116.6mn). Sales of Youcom brand decreased 27.7% to R$34.5mn (R$47.8mn).