6 October 2022
The Weekly
Liverpool's Fashion CampaignLiverpool's Fashion CampaignLiverpool's Fashion Campaign

The fashion campaign - under the concept: ‘MY WAY OF BEING IN ONE PLACE’ - celebrates diversity in women and men, recognizing their individualism and extolling their different ways of being.

In this campaign, Liverpool seeks to share this message through 9 trending personalities involving actresses, tiktokers, singers and youtubers who have achieved success thanks to their authenticity and talent, each of them being great references in their respective industries. The season was inspired by three different trends:


● Colorama, seeks to bring joy, counteracting the adverse moments we are experiencing. It is through this trend that through a colorful essence and fun prints we seek to provoke a positive mood when dressing and a style that makes us unique.


● Instinct, tells us that nature has become the great healer and a escape partner in which we take refuge to carry out activities that help clarify the mind and strengthen the body.


● Dream, is the search for harmony and a better balance in life, with a cleaner, purer, minimalist and comfortable style.