23 August 2023
The Weekly
Le Bon Marché's Revamped Jewellery SpaceLe Bon Marché's Revamped Jewellery Space

Located on the ground floor and catty-corner to major luxury brands, the 3,200sq ft space is now home to some 17 brands, ranging from French staples such as Gas Bijoux to new signatures like Spanish brand Simuero. Simuero will be the first brand to inaugurate the new jewelry department’s central pop-up space, which is set under a circular gazebo that nods to Eiffel Tower-style metallic structures. There the brand will present its recycled-silver jewels handcrafted in the Mediterranean port city of Valencia.



Personalization is taking pride of place among the offerings in the space from a charms bar with Aurélie Bidermann, to permanent jewelry by Atelier VM and Vanrycke, which will also offer engraving services. French label Medaï will be on hand to personalize gold-plated and silver medals, also available in gemstones or lab-grown diamond options. The space leaned toward less brands but the department store develops with them exclusive designs and services. The selection is affordable — in sync with the current €200 average basket, with prices that hover under €100 on average, peaking around €2,000 for fine jewellery.


Surrounding the center podium will be curving low chests of drawers, also continued along the walls set with glass cabinets. Le Bon Marché is being also more sustainable in the way it conceives its spaces and furnishes them, which had already guided the renovation of the sneaker department in 2021 and the bag section in 2022. First, more than 50% of existing materials have been reused in the new space, including some 2,000sq ft of hardwood flooring and 60% of the lighting. Then new materials include wood from sustainably managed forests and a reconstituted stone that can be broken apart and remade into fresh material. But that also means imagining how to take everything apart once the 10-year average duration for a set-up has passed. To that end, mechanically assembled parts that avoid the use of glues, modular elements that can be customized and natural pigments were used.