25 April 2022
The Weekly
Kaubamaja’s New Women’s DepartmentKaubamaja’s New Women’s DepartmentKaubamaja’s New Women’s Department

Kaubamaja’s Women’s Department in Tallinn has been transformed into a completely new environment, where the shopping experience is tailored based on the customers’ needs.


The department is sectioned into different parts, targeting specific customer types based on their preferred brands. The boldest section would be the new baby pink checkout area, which is decorated with flowers and which creates a playful contrast with the more minimalistic colour scheme of the rest of the department. There is also an entirely new area for designer brands to make them stand out. There, brands like Patou, MM6 Maison Margiela, Isabel Marant Étoile and many others are displayed. The new Women’s Department would be best described as a combination of various beautiful oases.