17 May 2023
The Weekly
Kaubamaja’s AI Fashion campaignKaubamaja’s AI Fashion campaignKaubamaja’s AI Fashion campaignKaubamaja’s AI Fashion campaign

Kaubamaja’s spring campaign was the first fashion campaign in Estonia, which was created by using artificial intelligence. The creative process also involved Fotografiska Tallinn, which is an innovative international photography museum. Together, the two combined their teams and produced the campaign photo, in which one model is a real human being and the other completely generated by AI. It was important for Kaubamaja to create a symbiosis of realism and fantasy, which meant that it was essential to still collaborate with a real model, photographer, stylist and other artists. Artificial intelligence was a new and exciting tool to work with, which added the layer of novelty to the entire process. The campaign has paved the way to a more innovative approach to fashion and advertising photography in Estonia.