28 June 2021
The Weekly

John Lewis has announced that it is expanding its first ever furniture rental service, doubling the range to offer over 200 lines. It follows last year’s hugely successful trial which partnered with Fat Llama. Renting items, from clothing to furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years, with people more conscious of the environment. Previously only available in London, the service will also be expanded outside of London. Customers can rent John Lewis furniture for twelve months at a time, followed by the option to purchase the product with payments already deducted from the purchase price. It allows customers to try before they buy, as well as helping them to spread the cost out if they plan on buying it after. The service will be offered via Fat Llama’s Flex Rental website and available furniture will be paired to geographical location. Products will be available to rent from July 20, with prices starting from just £6 a month.