5 October 2023
The Weekly
Jelmoli's Zurich Film Festival

Jelmoli proudly continues its tradition of sponsoring the Zurich Film Festival this year, marking the festival's nineteenth consecutive edition from 28th September to 28th October. The festival commenced with a dazzling Opening Night, once again transforming Zurich into a hub of glitz and glamour. In keeping with the spirit of the occasion, Jelmoli curated a premium collection to elevate the festive atmosphere. Two exciting pop-up shops, Ragfair and Adretto, enhanced the glamour quotient of the festival. At Ragfair, ladies could discover a stunning array of gala dresses, while Adretto offered men the opportunity to rent sophisticated dinner jackets and suits. In addition to these captivating pop-ups, we hosted a warm-up event on 30th September in collaboration with Estée Lauder.