2 February 2022
The Weekly

With the relocation and reopening of the Spotlite streetwear and sneaker department within Jelmoli last fall, a space for new things has opened in Sports World, on the 4th floor. This space is dedicated to yoga, pilates, meditation and fitness in the newly created Fitness Lounge. The paradise for yoga lovers features hip brands like Kismet, Mandala and Puma and useful accessories for the sports routine.

The opening of the new fitness lounge was accompanied by a series of events. The month of January at Jelmoli was focused on Mindfulness--starting the new year consciously and focus on things that do you good: self-care, detox, meditation, and exercise. In the event series around the topic of mindfulness, experts showed Jelmoli customers every Saturday morning in January how to make a powerful and positive start to the new year.

In versatile meditation, mindfulness and yoga sessions, Carina lten, Graciella Huber and Xheva Sinani shared valuable approaches on how to get a conscious and positive start into the new year, how to set the focus specifically and how to leave stress and old burdens behind. After the sessions, all participants enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the new Stiletto Cafe on the 2nd floor at Jelmoli.