10 September 2018
The Weekly

Jelmoli celebrates its 185th anniversary with a series of events and a 360° campaign that invites us on a journey from back in time until the future of Zurich's Premium Department Store. 185 years ago, in 1833, Johann Peter Jelmoli-Ciolina founded Zurich's first department store, setting the foundation for the eventful history of which has become Switzerland's largest department store.

At the anniversary opening day on the 8th of September Jelmoli exhibited a historical Jelmoli old-timer van from the 1930s. Another highlight during the anniversary campaign is the Jelmoli history backstage tour. Customers will gain historical insights and insider information about Jelmoli while exploring the department store "behind the scenes" as well as firsthand information about the expansion plans to Zurich Airport in 2020. On November 1st, Jelmoli's official birthday, the campaign comes to an end, and free mini cupcakes are offered to the customers. Based on finds from the significant Jelmoli archive, the windows showcase historic gems and the latest autumn fashion is decorated along with vintage wallpapers.