12 May 2022
The Weekly
INNO Celebrates 125th Anniversary

In honour of 125 years in business, INNO is launching a new Loyalty programme. From 5 May onwards, INNO will be translating its baseline ‘for you’ into the new Loyalty Programme for customers. Under the motto ‘Made for you’, each Loyalty member receives the status ‘Unique’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Exceptional’ or ‘Premium’. The system behind it is simple: the most loyal customers enjoy the most benefits. These benefits can range from birthday presents to personalised promotions, gifts, exclusive events and unique services. In conjunction with the launch of the revamped Loyalty programme, INNO will be marking its 125th anniversary. Monthly anniversary promotions, events and actions will more than ever ensure a fascinating shopping experience for every customer in this jubilee year. To ensure that the anniversary programme will be a big success, until the end of the year, INNO will be treating shoppers to “Birthday Deals”. These are exclusive products and additional discounts on many major brands intended to thank and pamper all customers.


“For 125 years, INNO has been an integral part of the retail landscape of all major Belgian cities. With 21 strategic projects, such as the digital marketplace as ‘the 17th department store’, the new ERP system, the rebranding of the brand and the remodelling of the stores, the classic department store is evolving into a modern omnichannel retailer. Our teams have implemented INNO’s biggest strategic realignment since more than 20 years at top speed”, said Armin Devender, CEO of INNO. In addition, the new strategy is reflected in a complete rebranding of the INNO brand and a remodelling of its stores. INNO and inno.be offer every Belgian the ultimate department store experience.