20 October 2020
The Weekly

As consumers continue to educate themselves and push back against fast fashion, more and more brands are adopting ethical, sustainable and local into their company framework. Holt Renfrew’s latest collaboration with the Campaign for Wool is one example. The Campaign for Wool has spent a decade doing exactly what its name suggests: campaigning for a greater awareness of the sustainable benefits of wool. To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, the Campaign for Wool (CfW) released a new sustainable capsule collection — a collaboration by the CfW, Holt Renfrew and Toronto brands LINE and Smythe. Not only is wool a much cleaner and more natural alternative to artificial materials, but it’s also renewable, biodegradable and a more durable option. The collection has been available since Sept. 24 both online and in select Holt Renfrew locations. The Campaign for Wool continues to operate in 13 countries globally to both celebrate and raise awareness about the material.