23 June 2023
The Weekly

Harrods is spending heavily on refurbishing its womenswear retail spaces with a focus on boosting the luxury experience and the discovery process. The first phase of this has seen it unveiling a new dedicated area for lingerie, lounge and sleepwear. The almost 16,000sq ft (1.500m2) space on 1st floor of the Knightsbridge store is half as big again as the previous space dedicated to these categories. The floor now houses custom shopfits for key brands such as La Perla, Skims and Agent Provocateur; offers a wide range of exclusives; and also features new-to-Harrods labels like Natori, Torlowei and Livy.


Harrods is spending around £200mn on its wider revamp and has already made-over menswear and beauty. The retailer will be unveiling new spaces for other women’s categories by this autumn and will have completed its upgrade of womenswear on the fourth floor by 2026. Back with the first floor, aside from the branded concessions, the wider area is less cluttered with brands divided by functionality so it’s easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for in a luxurious and enjoyable area that's a world away from a 'hard-sell' environment. There are also bigger, more comfortable (and luxe) fitting rooms, plus bespoke and VIP services, although the aim is to make the whole shopping process, feel like an enjoyable luxury for everyone, not just VIPs.