17 March 2021
The Weekly
Globus Moving Towards Easter

After what has been a long, tough winter for all of us around the world, Globus – and Switzerland – is joyfully gearing up for a special spring. It is the perfect season to showcase the luxurious changes that are being implemented in Globus’ selection, both in stores and online, featuring luxurious bursts of colour and an artful take on ‘blossoming’.

A very Special Easter

In an artfully shot 360° campaign for Easter and spring, Globus had renowned Swiss photographer Lukas Wassmann showcasing the season’s best new fashions in an energetic, minimalistic visual interpretation of freedom and quiet luxury. Artist Aline Rüede from Zurich created a stunning floral set to present the luxurious updates that are being implemented throughout Globus’ departments, from fashion to accessories, home and kitchen, and the ★★★delicatessa. Speaking of delicious treats: It simply wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate. As the leading gourmet destination in Switzerland, Globus takes sweets, chocolate eggs, and classic chocolate Easter bunnies to a whole new level, confirming its status as the go-to for all Easter gifts.

A Nation on the Move

Fitting perfectly with the fresh, energetic Easter theme, our dedicated ‘Move’ campaign aims to further a new trend, capturing not only our customers’ rediscovered joy of free movement and mobility, but also the ways in which we all are getting in touch with our desire for individual, personalized ways of living our lives, both in the office and outside. Globus chose to highlight brands such as EGO Movement, which produces beautifully designed, lust-worthy e-bikes, as well as healthy living and accessories brands. Hockshop’s fashionable fitness accessories, Vluv’s seating balls, IAMRUNBOX runners’ backpacks, and Closca bike helmets all perfectly serve to satisfy our craving to outfit this newfound fusion of home, office, and exercise in the most stylish way possible.