15 February 2023
The Weekly
Globus' Collaboration with SyltGlobus' Collaboration with Sylt

From January 30 to February 28, Globus is teaming up with some of Sylt’s driving culinary forces to highlight some of the local delicacies that can only be found there and are highlighted by the Sylter ‘GenussMacherei’ – from sea salt to Sylt beer to fresh Sylter Royal® oysters, which can be found at all Globus ***delicatessas during our «Sylt Weeks».  The Michelin-starred chefs Johannes King and Alexandro Pape brought their favourite recipes and their delicious products to Switzerland in person. To kick off the Sylt campaign, Globus Zurich Bahnhofstrasse held a special ‘Sylt Night’ dinner, created by the two passionate chefs themselves and served to a select group of customers who were instantly transported across the sand dunes of Sylt in a firework display of fresh, unique flavours. These same treats can be enjoyed by everyone until the end of February, with special displays created in collaboration with the Sylter ‘GenussMacherei’, creating even more buzz around this unique destination in North Frisia.