15 January 2020
The Weekly

Category: Beauty

Flormar opens at Doha Festival CityFlormar opens at Doha Festival CityFlormar opens at Doha Festival City

Flormar, a cosmetics brand hailing from Italy, recently opened its second location in Qatar at Doha Festival City. Under Abu Issa Holding’s management, the newly launched store is located in the popular Doha Festival City mall and opened doors to the public on the 28th of December. Flormar’s first location in Qatar is located in the Mall of Qatar. Flormar is one of the world’s leading make-up brands which also has a 21% share in the colour cosmetics market of Turkey. Focusing on foreign operations since the year 2008, Flormar has covered a long distance in order to become a global brand with its 650 shops located in 250 cities in 104 countries.

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