12 August 2019
The Weekly
First Coin Excelsior Award

The first Coin Excelsior Award took place on 10th July, in the newly renovated Coin Excelsior in Trieste. The award, which aims to enhance young talents who are best able to interpret research in fashion by catering to the tastes and styles that distinguish Coin Excelsior, is the fruit of a collaboration between the international creative platform, made in Trieste, International Talent Support and Coin. Among the 22 finalists of ITS 2019, originating from 15 nations, Moon Hussain, British fashion designer, was chosen as winner. Moon won the award as "the most promising finalist in terms of creativity and the ability to successfully combine the collection with the Coin Excelsior reference market." As well as promoting the collaboration using images and videos on digital shop windows and screens with the aim of evoking the ITS universe, on the occasion of the award ceremony the Coin Excelsior in Trieste has turned into a special stage to host two exclusive outfit collections that Moon Hussain will present at the final event of ITS 2019.