28 June 2023
The Weekly
Father’s Day CampaignFather’s Day CampaignFather’s Day CampaignFather’s Day CampaignFather’s Day Campaign

Liverpool celebrated Father's Day in June with the campaign "Todo para papá en un solo lugar", involving the 20 main stores and some foreign stores with three experiences that tested the skill and competitiveness of customers. The experiences were:

1. Liverpool Gold Ingot: only customers with purchases over $50 MXN could participate this activity; it consisted in the extraction a 14kg ‘rose gold’ ingot through a hole in an acrylic box in less than 30 seconds. The two best times in each of the stores were rewarded with a Liverpool electronic purse.


2. A Basketball competition: A basketball arcade was set up, in which customers competed against dads to see who could make the most baskets in 1 minute.


3. Aiming challenge: Customers had to shoot into the hoops to score 10 points. Customers could work collaboratively with their father or son to achieve this, or compete among themselves to see who could score the most points.


Participating customers had the opportunity to win a gift, which could be a wooden domino or a multi-purpose screwdriver.