4 August 2021
The Weekly
‘Diversity’ Campaign at Liverpool

Liverpool is celebrating diversity with the concept ‘Everything in the same place’, where everyone can find the best option in spite of their size, giving a voice to featured personalities such as:

  • Paola Longoria, Mexican racquetball champion
  • Nailea Vidrio, professional female soccer player
  • Greta Elizondo. Soloist of Mexico´s National Dance Company
  • Jocelyn Corona, curvy model with a great career in the world of fashion
  • Paulina Abascal considered the best pastry chef in Mexico
  • Daniela Hoyos, Mexican artist and youtuber
  • Miranda Santizo, a young Mexican artist, singer-songwriter and DJ

These strong and powerful women contribute with authenticity to the brands communication and help to connect with the millions of females who are looking to feel represented. Fashion is a form of expression, of telling the world who you are; fashion is a statement of the power women have in society.